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Overwhelmed with starting something new?

Whenever we start something new or go along to a new event or class, a seed of anxiety tends to sprout and start us on the path of doubt... unfortunately, when we let the doubt grow, procrastination sets in and we end up doing nothing - this is normal so don't beat yourself up about it.

When you Google or overthink anything new to you, overwhelm can immediately take over - what style of yoga should I attempt, is it for me, am I too old, too young, too fat, too thin or not committed enough to my own well-being? Phew, exhausting ay? Forget all that and do something great for you, for a change!

A yoga class will help you overcome your doubts and fears and start instilling a confidence you never knew you had :-)

When you start your yoga classes, expect to be warmly welcomed by your qualified yoga teacher, who will reassure you and help you eliminate your doubts and fears about starting on your new adventure. Yoga is for you, no-one else - although the new you will benefit everyone around you as well. The ripple effect in action!

Call or email your yoga teacher if you have any worries at all, and come with an open heart and the certainty that you will benefit from even one session of relaxing and inspiring yoga.

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