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Yoga and Anxiety

Where do I start with this one?

Knowing the difference between anxiety and stress would be a great way and very simply put, stress is about what is currently happening and anxiety is about the future. There is much more involved and different aspect of both of these but for now this is enough.

Most of us have had some repercussions due to the pandemic in some way or another. Mentally, physically, financially and so it goes on and many I hear, are struggling with anxiety.

Why I want to introduce Yoga to you for anxiety is because from experience I know it helps. Some of you may know that Yoga has helped and helps me overcome Anxiety on nearly a daily basis, some of you may not. If you've met me, you may have had no idea, but there was a time in my life I couldn't leave the house without another person for support.

Yoga has the ability to bring us back to the present moment through our breath and our body awareness. And as you'll recall anxiety is a worry about a future event, so coming back to a moment that we can 'control' and a moment we are actually in is key.

Anxiety tends to come with chest breathing (that we have a higher tendency to do whilst wearing masks), and learning yoga will teach us how to breath efficiently in our belly. This one technique could be the difference for me whether I am able to walk into a shop confidently or put it off for another day.

Along with the breathing, yoga will generally introduce movements and patterns that your body may have never done before. When we do this it releases a chemical in the brain, which helps with our mental health.

I want to go on and on about this and how it has helped and changed my life so I can live my life and not let life happen, however I want to keep this short.

Yoga can help YOU breath better and more efficiently, sleep better, release tension, move better and also connect (even virtually) to a group of like minded people. Connection with like minded people, having a community is so important, especially in a time where we are being asked to stay away from each other.

I am open to questions, about yoga, my experience, anxiety or anything else. If I can help I will.

So take some time to think about you health and wellbeing and what you want to do about it, if the answer is make a change, then you know what you can try...

With love as always

Lucy x

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