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Family Yoga

Family yoga is such great way of getting together and improve the wellbeing of the entire family.

The physical aspect of yoga is great for all ages.

Bringing awareness to how we move at a younger age has great benefits and regular physical activity is important for all, but whilst the body is still growing, it is vital.

The breathing and relaxation is particular great for children and teenagers too. Most of us breathe incorrectly or at least not to our full capacity and this happened when we started school and sitting at desks for most of our day. So there is no better time than learning to breathe now!

It can be tricky to get teenagers to commit to yoga (or anything!) but introducing yoga and relaxation can really benefit their studies and help relieve the stress and anxiety of exams as well as the confusing time that being a teenager is.

family yoga grasse

All classes are tailored to suit your family and last between 60-75 minutes. It may seem long but it flies! This is a time for the children to be creative and be curious, so we keep this lighthearted 🥰

If you have any questions on how we could make this work for you, get in touch now! or 0767615208

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