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Adapted to Every Body

You wouldn't expect a blue pencil to colour in red, and I don't expect you to do anything you weren't meant to do!



People chose to have private yoga lessons for different reasons and each very individual. 

I specialise in private lessons and am able to adapt yoga to a variety of physical or mental conditions with discretion, confidence and flexibility.

I have experience working with different physical conditions, ranging from muscular, skeletal and neurological conditions including chronic illness’.

I also have guided students who have different mental conditions such as anxiety or high stress levels.


Whatever the reason is to explore the possibility of private lessons, I am happy to chat and see if we can work together towards any goals you may have.

Or if you would like a private yoga teacher to do the type of yoga you like when it suits you then this is also a very good reason to have private lessons! I am comfortable guiding students through fast paced and challenging flows, through a restorative practice and anything in between!

If space is of concern, we can figure something out - Don't let that's stop you!

A Great option for Private classes is also Family Yoga. Classes suited to all for your entire family to enjoy the benefits of yoga. Whether you have young kids who want to join in the fun or teenagers needing to escape the pressure of studies or exams, we can work together to keep everyone happy and healthy!

Based on the outskirts of Grasse, I am able to come to your home within the area.


And remember that Yoga is not about acrobatics or flexibility but about your mental and physical wellbeing.


I hope to meet you soon

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