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What is Yoga?

Yoga is primarily a physical activity that has benefits for the mobility of the body. Yoga also encompasses breathing exercises as well as guided relaxation or meditation. These techniques have proven to significantly improve our mental health and also in turn our physical health. Yoga is popular throughout the globe for it's holistic approach to our wellbeing. 

As yoga can be adapted to all types of bodies, abilities, shapes, sizes and ages it can be practiced by anyone. And as Yoga only requires a clear floor space it can be practiced anywhere. 


If you have any questions, do call or email me! 

Yoga Styles

yoga in grasse
Power Core Class

This is a powerful flow! If you are familiar with yoga or are sporty and looking to improve strength and mobility then this is for you!

Expect to work core exercises and hold some postures for longer.

It is a fast paced 45 minute class designed to strengthen the entire body whilst working your active range of motion. This is a great compliment to your practice, for runners, cyclist or any sports.

As with all of my classes, we emphasises the breath and always finish with a relaxation period at the end.

english yoga class mougins

Vinyasa classes are dynamic with an emphasises on synchronising our breath with our movements.

Vinyasa translates as flow and each pose lead us onto the next.

Every class is designed to build strength, stability and flexibility with time for a relaxation. Starting with warming up the body, onto standing postures, balances, core work and then slowing down for final stretches and relaxation.

Variations are always offered and these classes are suitable for beginners and experienced yogis alike. 

english yoga class mougins
Breathing & Mindfulness

Passionate about how our connection to our breath can create so much change from within on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, I couldn't keep this to myself any longer!

This class is set in a friendly and open setting, with room for questions. I regularly asked for feedback and assist with any resistance you may come across to achieve a personalised experienced. 

Mindfulness is a practice that can be started with awareness to the breath before it develops into your daily life, so this breathwork class is the perfect opportunity to practice and start your inward journey to better health and a sense of joy and freedom.

lucylou yoga cote d'azur

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