What is Yoga?

The core of Yoga is difficultly described briefly as there are many styles of Yoga that not only involve a physical practice but also spiritual and devotional. 

The yoga we know here in the West mainly consists of a physical practice which is to some Gurus the first step of Yoga.


Yoga as we know it and so often described is the union of the Mind, Body and Soul, yet still this does not tell me what it really is.

The physical practice called Asanas is a structured flow or set of postures aimed at bringing strength and fluidity to the body to in turn bring health. The belief is through energies well channelled within the body we can achieve a healthy body which in turn allows us to focus our energy on our mind and bringing calmness here. 

Scientifically translating this, if we improve our circulatory system and nervous system and thus reducing physical stress, we can focus on reducing the stress on the mind.


The coordination between the breath and the postures is important to ensure our muscles are getting the oxygen they need to function and this simultaneously allows us to focus on our breath and therefore removing any negative and anxious thoughts in our mind.

Yoga can help improve with all kinds of physical ailments and many doctors now recommend Yoga as curative and preventative solution to many different conditions.


As yoga can be adapted to all types of bodies, abilities, shapes, sizes and ages it can be practiced by anyone. And as Yoga only requires a clear floor space it can be practiced anywhere. 

Yoga, when practiced regularly can result in increased muscular strength, increased flexibility and a reduction in pain. It can bring some stillness to your mind and your life. It can help bring more awareness to your body and mind therefore increasing focus, concentration and productivity.


If you have any questions about yoga, do give me a call. I cannot promise I have all of the answers but I can try my best! 

Yoga Styles

A passive practice, Yin Yoga involves variations of seated and supine poses typically held for 3 to 5 minutes, accessing deeper layers of fascia. It is designed to help you sit longer, and more comfortably, in meditation by stretching connective tissue around the joints (mainly the knees, pelvis, sacrum, and spine). 

Vinyasa classes are dynamic with an emphasises on synchronising our breath with our movements.

Vinyasa translates as flow and each pose lead us onto the next.

Every class is designed to build strength, stability and flexibility with time for a relaxation. Starting with warming up the body, onto standing postures, balances, core work and then slowing down for final stretches and relaxation.

Variations are always offered and these classes are suitable for beginners and experienced yogis alike. 

This class is designed for those who think they can't do it!

With a focus on joint movement, soft stretches and gentle strength building this therapeutic yoga class is adapted to each students’ needs so they can go at their own pace.

Breathing exercises and relaxation are included in each class to help to help us calm and de stress!

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