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What do I need?

Ok so you’ve made the decision that you want to give it a go. "But what do I need?"

Very little in fact!

Most of all, you need a willingness to be nice to you. Come with an open mind and leave all the other stuff behind. Your to-do list can wait - it'll still be there later!

In practical terms, there are only a few things you need to make your yoga experience the best it can be;

*Wear comfortable clothes

*Bring water for after the class - if needed during, just take small sips

*Eat 2 hours before or if it’s a small snack, at least 30 minutes before

*Bring a jumper for the relaxation and feel free to put socks on if it’s chilly

So, basically comfy clothes and water and a willingness to enjoy your experience

The next post will cover your arrival at the studio so be sure to pop back to have a read!

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