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Is Yoga for Me?

Have you been considering yoga on and off for a few weeks, or even months or years but always talked yourself out of it? One of the most popular ways of avoiding yoga is the lack of confidence in your own physical abilities - or perceived level of physical ability.

"No way can I sit cross-legged with a straight back, so I’m not going to make an idiot of myself at the local yoga class"

Sound familiar?

But this image we have of perfection is an illusion. There’s no such thing as 'perfection'. Even the most practised and experienced yogis strive to improve their apparently 'perfect' bodies. Yoga can heal places you never knew existed and can vary from day to day, according to your physical condition and mind-set.

Yoga doesn’t need to be an exercise routine or a workout and you don't need to buy scuba diving gear to indulge in this life affirming and well-being practise.

So if you can't cross your legs, touch your toes or do a back flip, don't despair.... Yoga ignores all those ideas and takes you into a state of relaxation.

And along the way, with your regular practise, you come to know and love your body, mind and spirit. Yoga really does transcend the boundaries of human physical perceptions.

So is yoga for you? Absolutely!


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